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About us

50+Years in Closed Die Hot Forgings

Founded on the tradition and philosophy of steadfast commitment to achieving “Total Customer Satisfaction” through excellent quality, on time deliveries and competitive pricing, the Company has grown steadily in strength and stature to attain its present recognition of being one of the largest exporter of forgings in India in its product range and has created a niche in the global market.
With its presence pan India and near to the customers, MMF is placing itself as a one stop shop for the closed die forgings needs of both domestic and international customers.
“Forging Excellence” – in terms of quality of products and relationship with stake holders is the theme of the company.
+Metric Tons Capacity
+Team Strength
Vidyashankar Krishnan
Chairman & Managing Director

Our locations

Plant 1, Singampunari, Tamilnadu

Forging and Machining [Mechanical presses – 1600T to 4000T, CNC Forging machines, Hammers. Typical part weights of 100 grams to 10 kg. Major products: Conrod, Socket, Spring seat, valves

Plant 2, Viralimalai, Tamilnadu

Heavy forgings and Machining [Mechanical presses – 1600T to 8000T,CNC Forging machines, Hammers. Typical part weights of 100g to 110kg. Major products: Front axle beam, Crankshaft, Knuckles, etc

Plant 3, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Corporate office

Plant 4, Padappai, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Forging and machining [Mechanical presses – 1600T to 4000T], hydraulic press. Typical part weights of 100g to 20kg. Major products: Spindles, Flange housings, Sockets, etc

Plant 5 - Windfarms

Renewable energy - Wind farms in Southern Tamilnadu W1 - Panakudi - 627109 Tamil Nadu W2 - Theni District - 625 531 Tamil Nadu W3 - Tenkasi - 627 811 Tamil Nadu W4 - Kallapalayam 641 201 Tamil Nadu

Plant 6 - Solar Sites

Renewable energy - Solar power plants in Southern Tamilnadu S1 - Aruppukottai - 626105 Tamil Nadu S2 - Viralimalai - 621 316 Tamil Nadu

Plant 7, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Industrial automation Division. Manufactures low cost automation and special purpose machines, Heavy fabrications and Material handling equipments

Plant 8, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Machining of Front Axle Beams and Crankshaft

Plant 9, Lucknow, Uttarpradesh

Machining of Front Axle Beam and Knuckle

Plant 10, Ranipet, Tamilnadu

Machining of Crankshafts

Plant 11, Chennai, TamilNadu

Manufacturing of Traction Motors, Alternators, Small motors